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We currently partner with two Indian national women who minister to the slum areas of Lucknow and are reaching the beggar children, slum teenage women, prisons, detention centers and children's homes. 


Lali Ministry (which means Hope) brings in slum girls and teaches them skills to allow them opportunities to get out of the slums they live in. It is hard to describe the abstract poverty these women live in. They are all from Hindu families and are considered the untouchables. Without this training they would have no way out of their situation. The girls are taught how to cut hair, sew, make jewelry and other sell able items so that in the future they can make their own money. They are taught word of God and their lives are being changed! As Hindu girls, they now pray only to Jesus and the villagers where they live are seeing the change in them. God is doing a great work through this ministry. The ministry has just moved to a larger location and is continuing it's great work!

The slum children are met with two or three times a week in a park and  they hear bible stories and how much Jesus loves them. We started a school just for these kids and it is thriving!


The other slum ministry also teaches women trades and skills to provide them income. The nearby children are provided a meal each day. There is ministry in the women's prisons, women's detention centers and children's homes. in 2019, we started a school just for these little ones and it now runs almost 75 students. We are so excited for what is happening through this opportunity.


These two ministries reach the lowest of the low, the very place we believe Jesus would walk into and show such great love. These are the sparrows of India that Jesus is very aware of and we strive to bring dignity and change to their lives through the power of the gospel and hands on love. 

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