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As a young man sitting on the porch of his grandmother's house, Larry had a desire to one day tell someone about Jesus who had NEVER heard the gospel in their life. It was a dream that was put there by the One who knew that one day that dream would become a reality. 


That dream was the driving force of the early years of the Meade's ministry in India. Since the first trip, they have held hundreds of outdoor and indoor crusades. In most of those meeting, there have been many who heard the name of Jesus for the first time. Healings have happened. Amazing miracles have taken place. Those who were demon-possessed were set free! Lives have been changed forever because of the power of the gospel being preached in the smallest of villages as well as in some of the largest cities and churches.

Now, due to the Hindu controlled government, outdoor crusades are no longer the wisest decision for missionaries. It is technically illegal to convert to Christianity in some states, so now ministry to crowds must be done within the walls of the church, but that doesn't stop Larry and Dollie from sharing the message of Christ at every opportunity available. It is still part of the mission of Lighthouse Ministry and will continue to be. The gospel will be preached to those who have never heard the wonderful name of Jesus Christ.

The Meade's have also been ministering in Nepal. Larry has taken five teams and accomplished 4 treks. Those 4 treks took the gospel into villages where no one had ever been with the gospel. There is now a thriving church in one of those villages. In 2015, a relief team was taken after the earthquake that destroyed that church building. Five believers were killled. That church has since been rebuilt and they are currently going strong.

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