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Larry and Dollie Meade

It started in 1970 with a gracious invitation by an Indian Bible college student in Mayfield, Ky. His request was that Larry and Dollie visit his exotic, mysterious, and spiritually desolate home country.


That one invitation turned into a burning passion for the nation of India and its people. For over 47 years, that passion has driven them to minister in remote villages and large cities, to the upper class and the orphan. To hear them speak of what God has done in the last years is to understand how they strongly desire to see Jesus bring revival to this great country. 

There have been mighty miracles over the years that the Meade’s have been able to be a part of. The sick healed, the lame walk,  and the demon-possessed have been set free! They now have focused their attention on the schools, churches, conferences and other visions God has set before them to accomplish.


Larry was raised in a small town in Ohio and truly committed his life to Jesus at age 17 during a Methodist camp meeting. His life's journey led him to great men of God who would help shape and mold his walk with Christ and his ethics in ministry. While attending Asbury College in Wilmore, Ky, God radically filled him with the Holy Spirit. This led to an outpouring of God’s anointing on his life like never before and he began preaching in churches and holding outdoor crusades all around the state of Kentucky.


Dollie was introduced to the Lord by a little Wesleyan Methodist nanny who took her to church as a young child and taught her of the love of Christ. Dollie learned to play the organ and the accordion and partnered in music ministry with preachers and evangelists at a young age. She met Larry through a pastor in Louisville, KY. They married and she has served the Lord through the years as a mighty speaker, singer, administrator, wife, and mother. 


The Father welcomed Dollie home on July 15, 2019. Her legacy lives on in those she invested in within India and at home.

Melody, their daughter, works with the administrative side of Lighthouse Ministries. She maintains the correspondence for the child sponsorship, keeps up with contributions, does the monthly newsletter, as well as having great input into the decisions made for all of the schools. She has spent quite a bit of time in India and loves the people as much as her family.

Throughout her 27 years of ministry she has had the opportunity to visit and/or minister in 26 different countries. Her passion is discipleship and missions and her dream and desire is to escort teams of people to visit the great country of India to be a part of all that God is doing in that place. 

One day the baton will pass to her and her husband, Kevin, and they will carry it on with the same love and passion as the Meade's have had throughout the years before them.

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Melody Meade Riehle

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