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Heaven Revealed-


In June of 1980, Larry and Dollie’s only child, five-year-old Melody, drowned in a backyard swimming pool in Tyler, TX.


They found her lying face down in the middle of the pool. After life-saving measures were given, she came back to life and a few days later began to tell details of her visit to Heaven.  


From seeing the splendor of Heaven’s gates, visiting with family members she’d never met on earth, to seeing Jesus himself and experiencing his tender favor and intimacy, she describes in detail all that she saw. Every part of her story lines up with the word of God. This book is that story.



Melody Meade Riehle has spent extensive time in India and has traveled to 26 countries touring and doing missions work. She was in full-time ministry with Master's Commission (a nationwide discipleship training ministry) for15 years and was on staff with Evangel World Prayer Center in Louisville, KY for 9 years. She is currently serving as the head of Lighthouse Ministries, and is a wife and mother of two toddlers.

Melody is available to minister her story of visiting Heaven. You can contact her here - contact us, by phone at 502-802-0101 or by email at 

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