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Church Planting

15 Church Plants in the region!

In the early '90's when God was calling Larry and Dollie into full-time missions in India, one of their desires was to build churches in areas that had none. One of the confirmations that they were following the will of God was an unexpected check for the amount of money it would take to build a simple church. That began the journey of 14 churches in India and one in Nepal. The church in Nepal was started in a remote village that had never even heard the name of Jesus mentioned. During the earthquake of 2015, that church was destroyed and five of the members perished inside. Since then, the church has been rebuilt and now runs over 100 weekly. As an outgrowth of this one simple body of Christ, there are now four additional churches that have started around that same area in Nepal.


The 14 churches in India are still going strong. The first one was built with a simple thatched roof and bamboo sides. Today that church stands with a solid building and a wonderful congregation. Recently, Larry was back in Tamil Nadu where several of the churches began. He was able to see the amazing growth that has happened over the years, from small congregations of five to ten people to strong bodies of believers running 200-400!


All of these churches are self-sufficient with pastor's and staff's that are committed to spreading the gospel of Christ to their villages and towns around them.

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