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The Lord had an assignment in India that the Meade's never saw coming. He had determined that they would be catalysts in starting two schools in villages where there was no other facility for education. Each school is about an hour from the main city of Lucknow where the Meade's are based. These two schools started from ground level but are now successful, thriving places for learning the basics of education and hearing the gospel. Each school has a staff of teachers and administrators who speak life to each child. 


Take a moment and check out the two schools to see where they've come from and where they are now!


ABOVE: One of our graduates from Ray of Light School. She went on to attend Bible school. She was sponsored by a family from the United States for most of her years as a student. Interested in sponsoring one of our children? SPONSOR A CHILD TODAY!


Melody's School was started in 2000 on a very small empty plot of land. It ran several dozen children in the beginning and now has over 300! The children that attend are mostly Hindu and Muslim and are sent because their families know they are getting an excellent education.


In 2019, we added an expansion of 2 more classrooms and have purchased a school bus. We have seen an increase in students due to the shut down of other schools nearby. The staff is devoted to teaching with passion and share the gospel through songs, scripture memorization and assemblies each week. The villagers trust Melody's school to care for their children even though the curriculum includes Jesus Christ. Because of this opportunity of education, lives are being impacted and the Message is being preached!

We are also currently raising funds to build a new playground for the kids!


Ray of Light was the first school Lighthouse Ministries began. It started with children meeting under trees and in buffalo sheds where the livestock was housed at night. In the mornings, someone would clean out the buffalo dung, spread a tarp over the floor and then the children would gather for their studies.

As more children started coming they moved to a partial brick building where several classes were held side by side and the children were cramped near each other. By this point, the school was running around 200 students. 

In 2009, there was a plot of land near by that the Meade's and pastor's and team members began to pray over to purchase. In 2010 that land was bought and the first stage of the building was built. 

Now, Ray of Light has in it's enrollment over 400 children, is a large walled in compound with a solid two story structure and includes 15 classrooms. Many faithful givers have helped to build this school and their sacrifice is reaping great rewards!

Currently, we have 16 staff members running Ray of Light. As each year moves forward we strive to add new ideas and curriculum to help better the teachers and the children. One area we are working towards is converting the school into an English Medium school which would teache all classes in English instead of Hindi. It is the desire of the teachers to do this but we have to start by teaching the teachers English! Pray for us as we move forward with this project that we would have wisdom and the right people to help this become a reality. 

We have also recently added electricity with fans in each classroom and soon computers. We also installed a beautiful new playground thanks to Paylmer's Playhouse foundation in Ohio.

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